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General Terms and Conditions

By making an application for the placement of a lawyer to provide legal advice free of charge, you accept the following terms and conditions:

  1. The person responsible for this website who is also the founder of the initiative “Lawyers for Environmental Protection“ will not provide any legal advice. He only endeavors to place one or more lawyers within the scope of the existing lawyers’ network in respect of legal matters that had been notified by environmental initiatives and/or environmental organizations, whereas these lawyers are willing to provide legal advice at no charge in respect of this matter.
  2. Legal advice shall only be provided by the respectively placed lawyer(s).
  3. Service in respect of a placement of lawyers shall be free of cost.
  4. If the lawyer contacts the respective applicant following placement, for the avoidance of doubt, the nonchargeability of the provision of legal advice should be addressed/agreed on an individual and direct basis. Any nonchargeability is not institutionally guaranteed by the placement under no. 1 above.
  5. Please note that generally only the lawyer’s expenditure of time will be free of charge. Expenses (such as travel expenses, cost of expert opinions, court or other fees, the opposite side’s attorneys’ fees when loosing the case, etc.) have to be paid unless the respective lawyer is willing to bear those himself/herself which in general is not to be expected.
  6. The placement service is exclusively available in respect of matters concerning the environment or having an environmental protective nature. Any other legal matters requested shall not be subject to placement. Furthermore, no response will be provided in respect of apparently different issues (e.g. social law, tax law).
  7. The placement service may only be provided within the scope of time and financial resources available.
  8. There shall be no liability for any damage arising as a result of a delayed or unsuccessful placement   (e.g. damages arising as a result of the expiration of a time limit).
  9. There is no actionable legal claim to any (efficient) placement. This voluntary placement service may be discontinued at any time and it will not be guaranteed for the future.
  10. There is no actionable legal claim for the provision of free advice by a lawyer.
  11. This placement service shall assume no liability in respect of any damages resulting from incorrect advice provided by any placed lawyer. In particular, there will be no advisory contract entered into between the applicant and the intermediary.
  12. The application has to be submitted in German or English.
  13. By making an application for a placement the applicant explicitly grants the right to forward data from the application by telephone and per e-mail unencrypted to one or several lawyers solely for the purpose of placement or the attempt to place a lawyer referred to above. The lawyers qualified as German attorneys at law (Rechtsanwälte) are of course obliged to maintain confidentiality on the basis of their professional duties.
  14. I am aware that unencrypted e-mails are capable of being caught and viewed by third parties.
  15. The application has to be filed per e-mail only and it is to be completed in accordance with the application sample. Please see the details for completion the form under „application form“.
  16. The applicant agrees the application to be included in a statistic concerning the amount and the nature of applications in anonymized form.
  17. Place of jurisdiction shall be Duesseldorf.
  18. By making an application for placement of a lawyer the applicant accepts conditions no. 1 to 19.
  19. If one or more of the provisions above are found to be invalid, the effectiveness of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby. In this case such provision shall apply which corresponds to the economic purpose of the invalid provision as close as possible and which would have been agreed upon if the ineffectiveness had been known.