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Do Lawyers for Environmental Protection provide free legal advice in other cases?

No, Lawyers for Environmental Protection are only active free of charge in respect of environmental protection. However, indirect support of environmental protection shall be provided. Insofar an environmental initiative or an environmental association needs advice in respect of its bylaws or taxes or otherwise, the Lawyers for Environmental Protection will be active. Financial resources of environmental initiatives could be protected and larger amounts could be directly applied to environmental work. In general, full legal advice to nonprofit organizations shall be provided.

There is no further free legal advice intended and shall not be placed; in particular no legal advice shall be provided to the benefit of personal interests.

Do Lawyers for Environmental Protection also bear expenses (e.g. court fees)?

No, Lawyers for Environmental Protection shall only provide their working hours at no cost insofar as the individual lawyer is willing and able. In addition, no expenses such as court fees, expert opinions, travel expenses, etc. will be paid for.

Why did I not receive any reply in respect of my application?

Responses will only be submitted insofar an application for the placement of a lawyer is made in detail and seriously in accordance with the structure provided under application form. Applications apparent to be for fun, applications insufficiently completed or applications not concerning environmental protection shall in general not be replied to or processed. Any voluntary working hours are limited; therefore it is expected to receive serious and completed application forms.

Are the Lawyers for Environmental Protection associated with a political party?

No, the Lawyers for Environmental Protection are non-party. Lawyers of all major parties are represented in this group. This shows environmental protection to be a cross sectoral topic within all parties.

Are the Lawyers for Environmental Protection associated with an environmental protection organization?

No, the interest grouping Lawyers for Environmental Protection acts completely independent from any environmental protection organizations. The founder of this interest grouping is voluntary active as public coordinator of Greenpeace Duesseldorf, but he clearly distinguishes both activities from each other.

How may I participate in Lawyers for Environmental Protection?

Under “Volunteering“ activities are listed requiring urgent assistance. The idea carries much potential but also involves much work so that further volunteers are very much needed.

May non-lawyers register with the XING group „Lawyers for Environmental Protection“?

No, only lawyers are permitted to join the group. If everybody had the opportunity of joining the professional communication between lawyers would be affected. We speak the same legal language and in this way we are able to give our support to the environment more efficiently. Apart from that, the XING group mainly serves as a pool of placeable lawyers.

May non-lawyers support the Lawyers for Environmental Protection?

Yes, non-lawyers may assist all activities which do not relate to the legal area (legal advice) (e.g. website design, administrative tasks).

How will the “Lawyers for Environmental Protection“ be financed?

Lawyers for Environmental Protection work voluntary. Cost that have been incurred so far were paid on a private basis.

Did the founder of this initiative start this project due to acquisition purposes for his legal profession?

No, nature and nature conservation are very important to him personally. As a private individual, he is a (supporting) member of several environmental protection organizations, press officer of Greenpeace Duesseldorf and a member entitled to vote of Greenpeace e.V. Please also refer to his CV under: Within the scope of his previous voluntary activities, he realized environmental protection, in particular at municipal level, not to be represented adequately from a legal point of view. On the basis of these ideas, the initiative developed.

Is there any critical feedback welcome concerning the organization Lawyers for Environmental Protection?

Yes, absolutely! Any positive and particularly negative review is welcome any time. Only this allows a determination where this initiative may and has to develop further for the environmental benefit.

Under which criteria will lawyers be placed?

Lawyers will be placed according to expertise (specialization) and proximity to the respective location in order to achieve maximum quality and efficiency of advisory services. If, however, only legal advice by phone is required a specialized remote lawyer may be placed in this respect.

How many lawyers work for the initiative „Lawyers for Environmental Protection“?

The current number of lawyers working in favour of the initiative „Lawyers for Environmental Protection“ may be viewed under