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About us


The interest grouping "Lawyers for Environmental Protection" is a (voluntary) association of lawyers with a strong interest in environmental protection. The interest grouping has been established at on 10 August 2009. The group already consists of more than 1,500 lawyers in more than 17 countries, mainly Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As a distinctive feature of this group and according to plan, it not only includes attorneys-at-law but also other types of lawyers such as judges, lawyers and employees of public authorities, corporate counsel or other lawyers for the purpose of assisting the environment by providing their legal knowledge free of charge.

This interest grouping of lawyers is the most extensive global network of lawyers in support of nature / environment which is qualified to satisfy all fields of law. The network is continuously being expanded. In this international network, lawyers from very different international organizations as well as  lawyers who are active on a regional basis cooperate unrivaled in favor of the same objective. We are all united by our interest in nature and its conservation. There is no other global network comparable.


We are a professional and demographic group which is capable to effectively utilize the existing legal potential in order to sustainably and efficiently protect our and our children’s environment. Insofar, we are able to (voluntary) contribute our knowledge and professional experience in favor of environmental protection. For example, a lawyer (attorney-at-law, judge, lawyer on behalf of a public authority, etc.) who gained experience within litigation or administrative proceedings, such as a proceeding against fine particles contamination in Southern Germany, may make available this experience to Northern German citizens’ initiatives or provide any other assistance free of charge.

We understand to apply and interpret laws and regulations, and furthermore we know how to contest them and institute proceedings against administrative orders, if applicable. We do not accept everything as it is. Due to our profession and/or education we are exceedingly critical and used to question everything. We are far away from simple reliance on authorities and we like to challenge major organizations. We know what an administrative act, a petition or a time limit is and how to handle it. We are legally able to act exactly where it affects environmental offenders. We could be an independent antipole to (legal) representatives or lobbyists who represent either the opposite side harming the environment or a public authority which both are often influenced by party policy or economic policy.

According to specialization, it would be relatively easy to provide an advice (over the phone) for example in respect of the character of a petition or how to defend against an administrative act. We could quickly search for a court decision via legal databases and explain this decision or draft a pleading. As a result, we also assist our environment.

However, the objective of this group is not to involve lawyers directly, permanently and continuously with regard to the work of environmental initiatives or environmental organizations. Lawyers often do not have the time for a permanent commitment. Consequently, they should not spend their time demonstrating on the street carrying banners or signposts. From behind their desks, these lawyers may be able to accomplish much more in favour of the environment. Therefore, their desks should be the place of their (voluntary) commitment.


The lawyers of this group are generally available to provide legal advice with regard to environmental protection matters free of charge. If an environmental initiative requires legal advice but, as it is often the case, does not have the money to pay for it, this group may be asked for legal advice at no charge. Likewise, a criminal defense lawyer could undertake the defense free of charge of an environmentalist who, for example, participated PEACEABLY (no stone throwing anarchists) in the occupation of a coal excavator and therefore is involved in a criminal proceeding by reason of breach of the peace and trespass.

At request, the lawyers of this group do what they always do, if required: Provision of legal advice free of charge on an individual basis for the environment’s interests.


The lawyers of this group do not pursue environmental policy. This task shall be left to others. The exclusive objective is to apply existing law in order to, from a legal point of view, assist and protect environment (and/or peaceable environmentalists) as best as possible. We wish to support the legal aspects of environmental protection because it would be a shame if the environment was impaired or destroyed just because existing law can not be exhausted due to a lack of knowledge or environmental initiatives not being able to finance legal advice.

Please note that this interest grouping of lawyers is not intended to be a ‘social’ service for all areas of life only because it agrees to engage for the benefit of environmental protection free of charge. Lawyers for Environmental Protection do this because of their personal interest in environmental preservation. The group does not intend to provide free legal advice with regard to legal areas such as ‚Hartz IV’, social law, employment law or otherwise. Such requests are to be refrained from.